Bidets are really great! Here's what you need to know!

Are bidets an alternative to toilet paper?
Bidets are complementary to toilet paper. They aid in cleaning and reduce the amount of toilet paper needed.
Are bidets sanitary?
Yes, bidets are very sanitary. They're used almost universally in Japan where cleanliness is taken very seriously.
Do bidets spray dirty water?
Bidets only spray clean water. They do not spray water that has been in your toilet bowl or tank.
How do you clean bidet nozzles?
Bidet nozzles can be cleaned with a brush and soapy water. Bidets with retractable nozzles have a special cleaning mode that extends the nozzles.
How do you install a bidet?
1) Remove the old toilet seat. 2) Attach the bidet to your toilet base with the two provided screws. 3) Connect the bidet to the water supply using the provided tee adapter. 4) Plug the bidet into a GFCI outlet.
How long do bidets last?
Bidets are built to last as long as your toilet. Many bidets come with a 3-year warranty.
Do bidets require any maintenance?
Typically, bidets do not require any maintenance. If you have particularly low-quality water, you may need to empty your bidet's sediment filter occasionally. Besides that, only regular cleaning is necessary.
Do bidets spray cold water?
Bidets do not spray cold water. Bidets warm water internally to a temperature chosen by you. Some bidets have a hot water tank, and others have a tankless design that provides endless warm water.
Can I use a bidet with my low-flow (or low-flush or high-efficiency) toilet?
Yes! Bidets can be used with low-flow and conventional toilets. When installing your bidet, a tee joint will be used to provide clean water to your bidet from the same source that feeds your toilet. The bidet takes water directly from your plumbing, not your toilet.
My toilet is already high, do bidets raise the height of the toilet seat?
No, a bidet will not substantially raise the height of your toilet seat. Bidets replace your toilet seat. For example, the toilet seat that I replace with my bidet was about one inch tall. The bidet i replace it with is about 1.5 inches tall.
How do I know if a bidet will fit on my toilet?
Check with the manufacturer for recommended clearances. Most bidets require two inches of clearance from the middle of the toilet seat bolt holes to the front of the tank. The surface of the toilet between the bolt holes and the tank should also be flat, not curved upwards. Note, this varies by bidet!
Do bidets come in different sizes?
Yes, most bidets come in two different sizes: round and elongated. To find out which one is right for your toilet, measure the distance from the center of the toilet seat bolt holes to the front of the toilet. For toilets 18 inches or longer, you'll probably want to choose an elongated version. Anything under 18 inches would be better fit by a round model. Typically, newer toilets are elongated and older toilets are round. Make sure to double check that any bidet you plan to buy is compatible with your toilet.