Brondell Swash 1000

The Swash 1000 is made by Brondell. It's another fantastic bidet.

The heated seat is a great feature on this bidet. It keeps you seat warm so you never have to be shocked by a cold toilet seat again.

A benefit of bidets with wireless controls, like the Swash 1000, is that you can keep the controller within easy reach on a countertop or mounted to a nearby wall.

When trying to get clean, a little motion can go a long way. This model features nozzle oscillation: the nozzles can be made to move gently back-and-forth at the press of a button.

Plastic is the most common material used for bidet nozzles, but the nozzle material for the Swash 1000 is stainless steel. Nozzles made of stainless steal last longer and are easier to clean.

When choosing a bidet, the number of nozzles is important to consider. Bidets with two nozzles, like the Swash 1000, use different nozzles to clean different parts of the human body.

Bidets generally rinse their nozzles when they sense that someone has sat down. This bidet also rinses its nozzles when you press the nozzle sterilization button.