What are the different types of bidets?

There are many types of bidets. This article covers a few of the most common types. The bidets in the What's a Bidet comparison tool fall into the "electric toilet seat bidet" category. They're the most popular option as they typically strike the best balance between price and features. They're also easy to install and take up relatively little room.

Best Choice: Electric toilet seat bidets

This type of bidet replaces your toilet seat. These kinds of bidets usually have a nozzle or two that is usually hidden behind a door under the rear portion of the toilet seat. The nozzles come out when you're ready to clean yourself, and they direct a stream of clean water exactly where it's needed.

These kinds of bidets usually take in cold water and heat it themselves. They also usually have heated seats. Another feature that's common in this type of bidet is the ability to adjust the water pressure. As you can see, electric toilet seat bidets have a lot of great features.

Most Affordable: Bidet attachments

Bidet attachments are very basic and very cheap. They are installed underneath your existing toilet seat. They have a nozzle or two that hang down from the back of the attachment, one or two dials for you to adjust water pressure and temperature, and that's about it. If the bidet has a dial for adjusting the temperature of the water, it generally means that it requires a hot water connection. These types of bidets are very rudimentary, so we don't recommend them.

Old School: Stand-alone bidets

Standalone bidets are probably what most Americans envision when they hear the word "bidet". They're generally porcelain, about the size of a toilet, and have a couple knobs for adjusting the hot and cold water pressure like a sink. The sprayer on this type of bidet tends to be inaccurate and hard to control resulting in things getting wetter than they need to be.

This type of bidet is also expensive as it needs to be plumbed in just like a toilet, and it takes up as much space in the bathroom as an extra toilet. Because of their cost and lack of features, we don't recommend this type of bidet either.