What are the health benefits of bidets?

Bidet usage comes with a variety of health benefits. Bidets work by spraying a gentle stream of warm water at the anus. They're typically used after defecation. Their warm water spray cleans away almost everything on its own and only a little bit of toilet paper needs to be used to wipe away what remains and to dry the anus. The warm water wash provided by a bidet increases personal hygiene, decreases irritation, and reduces anorectal pressure.

Increased personal hygiene

Bidet usage increases personal hygiene through increased comfort. Cleaning with warm water is more comfortable than using dry, scratchy toilet paper. Imagine if you're given the choice between taking a shower and using a paper product to scrub your skin until you're clean. Which option would you choose? Obviously, the warm shower sounds much more appealing, and that's true in the case of cleaning your butt, too. By cleaning in a more comfortable way, it's easier to clean more thoroughly. A more thorough cleaning results in better hygiene and better health.

Decreased irritation

A study of bidet usage in Japan indicated that there is reverse-causation between bidet usage and hemorrhoids. This means that getting hemorrhoids leads to people buying bidets. Why does this happen? The answer is pretty obvious: reduced irritation. When suffering from hemorrhoids, the anus is highly sensitive. Hemorrhoid sufferers would do just about anything to reduce this irritation, and they do: they buy bidets. The warm water spray of a bidet causes much less irritation to the anus than wiping with dry toilet paper, and so it's preferred by those with hemorrhoids.

Decreased anorectal pressure

Another study in Korea showed that using a bidet with warm water, low water pressure, and a wide spray reduces anorectal pressure. What is anorectal pressure, and why should you care? Anorectal pressure is pressure in the anus and rectum. Increased anorectal pressure is associated with anorectal diseases like hemorrhoids and can make a person feel like they constantly need to use the toilet. By using a bidet with the correct settings, anorectal pressure can be reduced, and some symptoms of diseases that cause increased anorectal pressure, such as hemorrhoids, can be relieved.

Summary and suggestions

By using a bidet, you can achieve better personal hygiene, decreased irritation, and reduced anorectal pressure. These health benefits can result in a better quality of life for people of all ages and levels of health. If you're interested in a bidet, we recommend you take a look at our bidet comparisons to find the bidet that's right for you.