Interested in a bidet? We've got all the info!

Updated 7/16/2020

Buying a bidet is an investment in a better life. Bidets can make you feel cleaner and more comfortable. They clean better than toilet paper alone because a bidet is like a very targeted shower for your private parts. Cleaning with water is also much more gentle than scrubbing away with toilet paper, so using a bidet can result in less irritation to sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of using a bidet?

A quality bidet can improve your life in ways similar to a quality mattress. Everyone knows you should invest in a good mattress because you'll spend a large portion of your life sleeping on it. The same is true for toilets and bidets. If you're going to spend a lot of time on your throne, make sure your throne treats you like royalty.

Bidets are also environmentally friendly! By using a bidet, you can save both trees and water. Bidets clean away most of what you'd ordinarily clean away with toilet paper. All that's left is to use a little bit of toilet paper to dry yourself up. Additionally, the amount of water needed to make toilet paper is much greater than the water needed to operate a bidet. A typical bidet uses about 1/8th of a gallon whereas the manufacture of a single roll of toilet paper uses about 37 gallons of water.

Bidets can also help with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be aggravated by wiping too hard in an effort to get clean. Toilet paper isn't great at cleaning butts because it often just pushes things around. It also dries out whatever poop it comes into contact with making cleaning up just that much more difficult. Bidets clean much more gently using a soothing and targeted spray of water. Since they don't require wiping, there's no uncomfortable friction. The water stream from a bidet usually cleans away most of what needs to be cleaned away, and whatever is left can usually be cleaned with one gentle wipe.

What are the top bidet brands?

There are many excellent bidet manufacturers to choose from. The list below is not comprehensive! There are other very good bidet brands besides the ones listed below. Think of the list below as a starting point for your bidet buying research.

Bidet manufacturer resources

Here's a collection of resources you might find useful in picking your bidet. The links below are guides produced by bidet manufacturers that outline how to determine if their bidets will fit your toilet.